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Land of Sighs
A History of Sighland: Origins 
23rd-Sep-2008 09:37 pm
A History of Sighland
By Elphiba B. Thompson

I. Origins

What is Sighland? How did Sighlanders come to be?

Sighlanders have been asking these questions for centuries, many times even topping them off with the big question regarding sighmanity: Would Sighland, a world at war with itself through a worldwide culture based on a love of Apocalyptic activities, even be prepared for what the answers to such questions would entail?

It wasn’t until a century ago that sighentists discovered the elementary and seemingly innocuous truth of it all: that Sighland is a world born of sighs.


It has been known for some time that light-years away is a place which reflects our own, though it is a place which harbors strangely heightened levels of mediocrity, appropriately conveyed in its simple, monosyllabic name: earth. On earth live a myriad of diverse creatures, just as on Sighland; though of these creatures, complex, philosophical thought is reserve only to a single species: earth's humans.

All other earthling creatures, from the Billygoats to the Cacti are no more than the simple, and sometimes unthinking, flora and fauna of their world.

When new, this discovery shook Sighland, and it wasn’t long before the information was met with demands, particularly from Head Billygoat (then Winston Billyboot), to shut down all earth research, lest it promote negative views of such sighlanders as the Octopus and Billygoats. Though the outcry prompted numerous investigations on the integrity of human research teams as well as the legitimacy of such findings, sighentific study of earth proceeded with almost-unwavering enthusiasm.

Only despite years of investigation, it was still then thought that earth was merely a primitive, lesser world unrelated to Sighland. It was only until Hansel Billsalvador, forward-thinker and head of research at The Billygoat Institute of Sighence and Technology, accidentally found that the sighs which make up Sighland’s atmosphere had stretched farther out into space than had been previously thought did anyone dare to think otherwise.

Through Billsalvador, a research project called The Lengthy Sigh Research Project was launched. Because of it, Billsalvador and his team were able to trace all sighs back to earth where they existed in greater abundance than what is found even in Sighland’s own atmosphere. It was then that Billsalvador suggested the Heaving Sigh Theory.

The Heaving Sigh Theory hypothesized that all sighs which compose Sighland had once originated on earth, beginning with one great, heaving sigh which had broken through earth’s atmosphere, making way for all subsequent sighs. Then, traveling through space and time, these sighs mingled with the properties required to form life, converging at one location to create Sighland.

Unfortunately, the Heaving Sigh Theory was not spared from a similar outcry from those Sighlanders who had declared earth a backward, savage world. Billsalvador refused abandon to his theories nonetheless, leaving him estranged from his fellow Billygoats and eventually adopted by the Cacti where research was allowed to progress.

It wasn’t until decades of studies had been executed, producing undeniable evidence, that most Sighlanders began to accept the Heaving Sigh Theory as fact, heralding a new age of Sighentific progress, as well as spreading new disagreements throughout Sighland.

Though despite the number of conflicts leveled at apocalyptic which course through Sighland, there was one thing Sighlanders could be said to agree on: The Heaving Sigh Theory, as well as findings to come, had changed Sighland forever.

Continued in Volume II
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